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Welcome to Tattoo Smart®. We are the tattoo community's #1 resource for Digital Design brushes, tutorials, 3D models, reference eBooks, and tattoo ink digital palettes. We are constantly working to enhance the experience of tattooers using digital tools.

As you browse through our catalog, please pay attention to the format of the products you are looking at. Many of our products will only work with a specific software program or on a specific device. These limitations are clearly marked within the product descriptions. So to avoid costly mistakes, please read the product descriptions before placing your order. 

We are proud of the feedback we are getting from so many of you in our growing community of Tattoo Smart® users. Please read through the reviewsand you will see advice you can trust from tattooers just like you. 

Here are a few links to our most popular products so you can go ahead and place your first order and start having some fun.